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Call Center Reporting

The Reporting Engine provides easy access to the information you need to monitor the key statistics of your call center reporting software.

Call center reporting

Increase Calls by 300% and Turbocharge Productivity

Up until now, when managers need more insight on how to improve their call center reporting software, or when they want to deepen their understanding of their results, this translates into a need to create a new report or modify an existing one, (which means they either need Excel gurus and/or programmers and several cost assessment meetings to get new answers).

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What stands between the data and the insight managers are looking for is their reporting software. And what stands between managers and their call center reports is their dependency on one or more programmers and/or Excel gurus. And what stands between business solutions and business analysts is the time spent programming/compiling instead of analyzing.

Those days are gone. Introducing The Reporting Engine® ~ the only reporting software that eliminates the dependency on programmers and Excel gurus. Businesses move faster when access to insight is not limited to business analysts, but when every member of the management team can deepen their understanding independently. Problems get resolved faster when business analysts no longer need to program.

Imagine the possibilities of multiplying the number of people capable of quickly answering their own questions. Imagine the agility. Imagine the results. Imagine the savings.

Up until now, getting new insight has been cost prohibitive and as a result many opportunities for improvements left undiscovered. Those days are over. Now, your managers and business analysts are empowered to answer more questions more rapidly. See how efficiently and effectively this improves your results, enhances your customer experience, and elevates your employee morale at a fraction of your current cost.

The power and the flexibility of The Reporting Engine begin with a sophisticated back-end architecture of innovative databases and optimized queries, and ends with a cleverly designed self-serve-no-training-required user interface that lets managers generate insight within three mouse clicks.

Gain More Insight from Contact Center Reports

Call center reports

The Reporting Engine is a call center reporting software that allows managers or users to analyze complex data easily. The call center tool is cloud-based software that is designed to reduce the costs of creating reports and eliminates dependency on a development team. This allows your management team to spend more quality time with their people instead of wasting it on multiple reports.

The Reporting Engine Advantage



Our customers consistently tell us that the ease and speed of our deployments make us stand out from the competition. Your contact center can be up and running in days, not months, and you can easily scale as needed.



To mitigate service disruption and maximize up-time, we offer redundant data centers geographically dispersed on opposite US cpasts with failover capability.



Unlike complex on-premise contact centers, Reporting Engine was created with the business user in mind. It’s easy enough to use that even non-techies can make changes, and intuitive enough that little-to-no training is required for your supervisors and agents.



The Reporting Engine architecture is designed with intrusion prevention, firewalls, and a vulnerability management system to protect your data. The Reporting Engine software’s Cloud-Based Security Office safeguards our operations, applications, and infrastructure against breaches and unforeseen events.