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How to Calculate and Improve Schedule Adherence for Your Contact Centers


The success of your business’ call center depends on how well employees perform when servicing customers.

However, optimizing their workflow is a complicated process that needs to take into account several variables.

Today we’ll focus on an often-overlooked management metric that has, in fact, a tremendous impact on businesses’ outcomes: schedule adherence.

In this article, we’re going to explain what schedule adherence is, why it is crucial, and how to calculate it to improve your rates and — as a result — boost your performance.

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How to Know if Your Business Needs A Reporting Engine?


The data and information around the globe are increasing at a rate of knots.

One of the reasons behind such rapid growth of data is the increase in data-producing devices.

For every business, it is becoming essential to managing their data and information effectively.

Businesses these days must pay close attention to managing their data and information.

This is because it will allow you to keep a check and balance on your company’s growth.

Moreover, it will also enable you to figure out the changes your data needs and make room for improvement.

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How To Calculate Call Center Shrinkage


Call center managers are often at a loss regarding their contact center’s actual productivity and overall efficiency.

The difference between the number of your agents available to handle customer’s queries against agents unavailable at a particular point in time is known as shrinkage.

Lowering your shrinkage is very important to enhance productivity in your contact center.

You can learn how to calculate and control shrinkage as you read on.

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What Is Customer-Centric And Why Is It Important For Your Business


The heart of every business is its customers. Customer-centric is a policy in which businesses place the utmost value on customers’ needs and build and foster a good relationship. It aims to ensure a fulfilling event for customers and promote a long-lasting relationship between customers’ business owners.

Businesses thrive due to customer’s patronage, and continuous patronage depends on their satisfaction. Incorporating Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with deliberate customer-centric measures provides you with vital information that you may need to understand the customer’s needs and how you can please them.

You can gather accurate data with the help of reporting software that may be beneficial to you. The collection of customers’ data cannot be overemphasized as it serves as the foundation for customer analytics. Some of the importance of the collection of customers data includes :

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Top 6 Signs You Need to Upgrade to A Cloud-Based Call Center


Even if you are currently running a thriving call center, chances are you have heard of the urgency and importance of integrating a cloud-based software to it.

Before we dive into the benefits this new technology could bring to your business, let’s first answer the simple question:

What is a Cloud-Based Software?

Simply put, cloud-based software is a giant infrastructure of software that uses applications to help you accomplish different tasks and duties.

These are the tasks that develop as a consequence of you running a successful business. You do not need much to log into the cloud.

All you need is a mobile device or laptop, and a steady Internet connection, and you are good to go.

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5 Top Call Center Reporting Practices

call center agents

Most companies in the world today share the same goals.

For all good reasons, company leaders understand the need to align their goals with the
reporting strategy adopted by the organization.

However, the task of communicating these strategies to the call centers is a daunting task.

Improvement in technology, rise in demands, and many other reasons account for most call
centers’ lousy reputation.

Although it is not entirely the business fault, the approach to business and customer
relationships has seen a dramatic change.

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Top Trends in Business Intelligence for your Contact Center


What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence is a general term for a variety of tools that improve decision-making for companies and their management teams.

Business intelligence (BI) involves a combination of business analytics, sophisticated data processing, data visualization, data tools, and infrastructure, using the best practices to facilitation organizational decision making.

A sound BI system will allow you to view your organization’s data in a timely and comprehensive manner.

A BI platform helps you identify inefficient practices, and changes in market supply or demand quickly and easily.

You must be able to use the data to make the necessary changes to your organizational structure or practices.

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Top 10 Metrics to Calculate Call Center Agent Productivity

Team of business people stacking hands

At the heart of any successful customer experience is an efficient and well-trained call center agent, which answers incoming calls timely, route them to the appropriate department or person, and otherwise enable an effective and quick solution to clients and customers’ calls.

According to a report, 97 percent of consumers globally say customer service experience influence their buying decisions and brand loyalty.

The job is more than just answering calls; it involves establishing customer relationships based on satisfaction and value.

Setting metrics allows a call center to know it is delivering high-quality service consistently.

The right key performance indicators (KPIs) or metrics helps a business to measure specific capacities effectively.

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Five Tips to Improve Your Call Center Reporting with TRE


Contact center systems provide tremendous amounts of data about the agent’s performance, the call’s flow, and the caller’s experience.

However, it’s often difficult to sift the mountains of data into just the key metrics that we need.

So contact centers managers need insights instead of just swimming in that sea of data elements.

With access to a wide range of digital touchpoints for conducting research, connecting with peers, and making important buying decisions…

consumers are more empowered than ever before.

It is now left to organizations to provide a level of service that is outstanding across the board.

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Ten Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Call Center Software


Updated May 2020.

Setting up a call center is not always straightforward.

There is a vast selection of call center reporting software, including hosted or cloud call center solutions and premises-based solutions, and you will need to do a little research to determine the best solution for your needs.

The different types of systems each have certain advantages and disadvantages. Each caters to different sizes of organization and call center needs.

Before we get to the crucial questions, we need to talk a bit about the differences between cloud call center solutions or other types of hosted solutions and premises-based solutions.

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