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Why The Reporting Engine?

Up until now, when managers need more insight on how to improve their contact center, or when they want to deepen their understanding of their results this translates into a need to create a new report or modify an existing one, which means they either need Excel gurus and/or programmers and several cost assessment meetings to get new answers.

What stands between the data and the insight managers are looking for is their reporting system.

And what stands between managers and their reports is their dependency on one or more programmers and/or Excel gurus. And what stands between business solutions and business analysts is the time spent programming/compiling instead of analyzing.

Those days are gone. Introducing The Reporting Engine® ~ the only reporting software that eliminates the dependency on programmers and Excel gurus. Businesses move faster when access to insight is not limited to business analysts, when every member of the management team can deepen their understanding independently. Problems get resolved faster when business analysts no longer need to program. 

Imagine the possibilities of multiplying the number of people capable of quickly answering their own questions. Imagine the agility. Imagine the results. Imagine the savings.

Up until now, getting new insight has been cost prohibitive and as a result many opportunities for improvements left undiscovered. 

Those days are over. Now your managers and business analysts are empowered to answer more questions more rapidly. See how efficiently and effectively this improves your results, enhances your customer experience and elevates your employee morale at a fraction of your current cost.

The power and the flexibility of The Reporting Engine begin with a sophisticated back-end architecture of innovative databases and optimized queries, and ends with a cleverly designed self-serve-no-training-required user interface that lets managers generate insight within three mouse clicks.

Gain more Insight from Contact Center Reports

The Reporting Engine is a call center application that allows managers or users to analyze complex data easily. The call center tool is a cloud based software that is designed to reduce the costs of creating reports and eliminates dependency on a development team. This allows your management team to spend more quality time with their people instead of wasting it on multiple reports.

Multiple Data Source Reporting and Analytics for Contact Centers

We believe...

  • ...that the analytical process should not be driven by reports, but driven by the users.
  • ...that companies should pay their developers to work on mission critical technological advancements rather than creating, or worst, continually modifying reports.
  • ...that companies should redirect their business analysts efforts towards analytical tasks instead of compiling stats.

We guarantee...

  • will reduce the cost of your report building process,
  • ...Smart ReportsTM will reveal new insight to optimize your contact center,
  • ...that your management teams will spend more quality time with their people instead of combing through multiple reports.
Multiple Data Source Reporting and Analytics for Contact Centers

Why Spend So Much To Get Answers?

Dependence on Developers

Some contact centers revert to hiring a team of professional developers to create reports.
In addition to being expensive, this creates a dependence that grows to unhealthy proportions.
Who has not been frustrated when needing a new report, or simply requiring a small modification to an existing report?

Dependence on Excel Gurus

Many companies rely solely on the most widely used BI tool, the Excel spreadsheet.
While Excel offers many useful features such as graphs, charts, and pivot tables which assist in decision-making, it doesn't scale to your business. Also, compiling data from multiple databases is time-consuming, labor intensive and is prone to errors.

Collecting vs. Analyzing

Many companies unwillingly end up spending more time collecting data, compiling and distributing reports than they spend in quality analysis.
This inevitably leads to delays in reaching the right decisions, weakening rather than strengthening their position in their market.
Timely decisions are key to delivering value to customers.

Your Reports Shelf-life

When reports are obsolete decision-making takes a huge hit. The cost of revamping, refitting and reformatting reports to accommodate changes is rapidly mounting. The 'growth' rate is alarming. Companies are caught in a money pit. 'Damned if you do, and damned if you don't'.

Time for a better ROI

  • Reduce these costly dependencies, and get your your money's worth.
  • Redirect your developers' efforts towards vital tasks.
  • Leverage your business analysts' other talents.

Get your ROI

Stop The Loss in Productivity

Costly Quest for Insight

Contact center executives, managers, supervisors and business analysts waste too much time looking for the right reports.

When and if they find what they are looking for, valuable time has passed.


Your problem solving efforts are disrupted by limited access to data. Valuable time is wasted for every minute a solution is delayed.

Answers to business questions are postponed, slowing down the process of decision making eventually costing you money in lost opportunities.

Data vs. Insight

There is rarely a shortage of raw data, yet leaders continue to run short on business insight.

The challenge is not a lack of data per se, it is the transformation of data into insight that is absent.


Lack of insight limits opportunities and success.

Without new information, your capacity to find new solutions is severely handicapped.

Stop the Bleeding

  • Get a constant flow of fresh insight on your business on a deeper level.
  • Deliver meaningful analysis and reporting quickly and efficiently.
  • Integrate data from multiple applications or data sources.

Timing is Everything

Call Center Reports & Charts

Multiple Data Sources

Not only do contact centers have large quantities of data, they have numerous sources of data in different places.

The difficulties of tranforming data into insight are magnififed when you have multiple data sources.


Users find it time-consuming to reconcile the many reports they must comb through to get answers.

When key decisions need to be made in split-second time, this is a real problem.

Slow and Limited Access

Information is so hard to come by and many fail in establishing a proper distribution channel.

Reports repositories are cumbersome. Distribution methods are costly.


People have difficulties finding what they need.

All of which limits access to the information to a few experts and to a limited audience often times 'too little too late'.

Make Better Decisions

  • Faster decisions.
  • Increase the amount of insight needed for accurate decisions.
  • Freedom and flexibility to access information improves effectiveness of leaders.

Your People, Your Culture, Your Legacy

Lack of Empowerment

When reporting is limited to business analysts.

  • When supervisors are cut-off from analysis.
  • Dependency promotes disengagement receive less feedback.
  • Lack of empowered leaders impedes success.

Limited Interaction

When leaders spend more time behind their desks.

  • When there's more report chasing than coaching.
  • Contact center agents receive less feedback.
  • Human contact is reduced.

Limited Results

Front-line employees reflect their culture with their customers.

  • When consumed with gathering insight.
  • Human interation is overlooked.
  • Lack of engagement.

Elevate Your Leadership

  • Contact center managers and supervisors get reports when they need them.
  • Redirect your supervisors' energy to interact with their agents.
  • Create an engaged and empowered culture.
  • New, fresh and timely insight.
  • New, innovative solutions.
  • Inspired new coaching style.

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