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Important Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Call Center Reporting Software

There are many benefits to using call center reporting software, but you’ll want to make sure you choose the right product for your needs. Here are some of the most important questions to ask why evaluating your options.

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If you run a call center, you know just how many customers you could be losing with one wrong move over the phone. Did you realize that your call center reporting software could be just as vital to ensuring you keep customers interested? Whether you’re looking for a new piece of software or wondering what you’re missing, call center reporting software could take your call center to the next level.

Here are four questions to ask before you choose your next piece of call center reporting software.

1. How Flexible is It?

As the way business is done has changed in every industry, call center reporting software needs to have the flexibility to change with the times. If it can give you the ability to disperse your workforce or run tasks wherever you are, you know you’ve found the right software.

Since your team can’t always be located on premises, you might need hosted, cloud-based, or browser-based solutions. Since call center reporting software can be configured in just minutes to have teams up and running, you can hire a remote workforce or even work while you travel.

2. Is It Scalable?

When you’re looking for the ideal call center reporting software, you need to ensure it scales with your business.

You should be able to add and remove your agents at a moment’s notice. You should also be able to pay per agent, at a prorated figure for your flex agents.

You need to inquire how much you’re paying for the minutes you use. Some solutions only bill you for the minutes that you use while others require that you buy minutes in bulk in advance.

Depending on the size of your enterprise, you might need to have a dedicated staff to manage the software. If you can’t afford that, the solution for doing it yourself should be easy to find.

3. How Long Will it Take To Implement?

While some software is easy to use, those solutions might be difficult for you to implement. When you’re looking for the ideal solution, you need to ensure that you won’t be waiting months to get started. If you can’t be up and running in a few minutes or a few hours, you should steer clear of that software.

Customer satisfaction is your number one motivation for implementing new solutions in the first place. If your implementation gets in the way of your daily operations, it’s the wrong solution for your team.

4. Do They Offer Technical Support?

No matter how clever your team is, you’re going to need technical support at some point for your software. If something crashes, if updates don’t vibe with other software you use, or if you need to add new features, you need 24/7 support.

Companies who understand how vital their software is to help your customers will know and respect that. They’ll be available whenever you need them.

Call center reporting software Needs To Fit Your Team

When searching for call center reporting software, it’s not about finding the piece of tech that offers the most bells and whistles. It’s more about finding one that can fit the needs of your team. If your team feels comfortable with it and it checks off all the boxes, that’s the software for you.

For more info on how call center reporting software can make your team more customer-centric, check out our latest guide for tips.


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5 Benefits of Using a Call Center Reporting Software

As a manager with a call center, you’re going to want to make sure everything runs smoothly, which is why you need call center reporting software. Need proof? Here are 5 benefits you can expect to get when you start using this kind of software.

Running a call center can be a nightmare if you don’t use the right tools. As a manager, you want all your operations to run smooth. This includes your call center.

One of the best tools you can use is call center reporting. Are you using this type of software for your everyday operations? If you aren’t you should consider getting the right one for your organization.

Don’t think your operations will benefit from using this software? We’ll tell you what benefits you’ll get when you start using this software in your everyday operations. Read on to learn more!

Call Center Reporting: Why You Should Get Your Software Today

Call center operations aren’t an easy thing. But, the right tools can help you improve and keep consistent performance. High-quality performance is a must for company growth.

You might be thinking a call center reporting software won’t help your business grow. Yet, this software can be the key to taking your call center performance to the next level. Here are 5 benefits you can expect from this kind of software:

1. Getting Ready for the Future

Any business has to look ahead. The key to success thrives in designing the right strategy for company growth.

This software can help you meet your goals and develop performance plans. Also, it can help your business forecast trends and employee performance.

2. Quality Control and Keeping a Professional Branding

A customer wants to trust the representative and company they’re doing business with. That’s why it’s important to keep a quality control system in place. This software will give the insight on the performance of your representatives.

3. Performance Indicators Tracking and Data Storage

As a manager, you need to access real-time data and performance indicators. The right call center software will give you access and options to filter all this information.

Tracking your employees’ performance can help you know where your staff is going wrong. This way you can make the necessary adjustments to help company growth.

4. Everything in One Platform

This type of software will give you access to all data in one platform. Instead of switching between the CRM and Call Center Software, your representatives will access everything in the same place. Using only one platform will help improve your staff’s performance and customer satisfaction.

5. Access Your Reports 24/7

The right call center reporting software will give you access to your reports anytime anywhere. You won’t have to rely on analysts to produce your call center reports.

Also, you’ll be able to tailor your reports to your needs. That means that you can integrate information such as customer data and sales. These reports will provide you the insights you need to make the best business decisions.

Will a Call Center Reporting Software Improve Your Everyday Operations?

Yes, using call center reporting will improve your everyday operations. This type of software helps you keep a record of call center key performance indicators.

The data will help you pinpoint where your staff can improve. If you get the right software for your company, your call center operations will run smooth.

Need the right call center reporting software for your company? We can help! Contact us to request your live demo today.

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Elevate Your Leadership with The Reporting Engine

Many leaders believe that technology can help employees improve their capabilities to perform well in their jobs. This assumption could be detrimental to your business. As a leader, you need to understand that technology is now the essential part of any system that could have a drastic impact on all levels of the organization.

In the modern business world, successful leaders let go of the old fashioned thinking and leadership approaches and change their resource model. The new approaches have specifically changed the way business managers use their information resources to make effective decisions. Considering the fact, The Reporting Engine provides an exceptional option to contact center leaders to help them elevate their leadership capabilities using a comprehensive data management system.“Built into The Reporting Engine are over 20 years of contact center management best practices aimed at making better leaders and more positive working environments for your agents,” Gilles Beaulac from The Reporting Engine comments.

Let’s have a look at how the tool helps contact center managers improve their leadership and the overall business performance.

Get Reports Anytime, Anywhere

Previously you had to rely on business analysts and technology experts to generate reports. However, The Reporting Engine has made it easier for you to create and get reports whenever you need. With the simple and more convenient report generation feature, you can view and share insightful data and information on all aspects of the business with key stakeholders. Using integrated reports as well as individual reports on financial, sales, and customer data, you can make more accurate, fact based business decisions.

Redirect Your Employees’ Energy to Other Important Tasks

With The Reporting Engine, you can allow your employees to collect data from multiple sources using integrated software. This enables agents to collect information with enhanced speed and more accuracy, freeing them from the tedious process of data management. The efficient collection of data not only saves your employees’ valuable time and effort but also improves their productivity, redirecting their efforts towards more important and profitable operations.

Create an Empowered and Engaged Culture

When leaders spend more time behind their desks, they tend to have limited interaction with their agents. However, using an innovative data management solution, leaders can encourage engagement and interaction among team members.

In addition to this, by allowing contact center agents access to a larger set of information, you empower them with more control which also contributes to improving employee engagement.

If you are looking for a comprehensive contact center solution to improve your leadership and the overall performance of your company, contact us today!

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Why Creating a Customer Centric Contact Center Is Important for Businesses?

Since businesses have shifted their focus from revenue generation to customer satisfaction, companies are more inclined to adopting customer centric business strategy to achieve long term profitability and growth. The concept of customer centricity views company from the perspective of the customers thus, allowing firms to understand their customers’ needs and expectations more conveniently to deliver a better experience.

Increasing Customer Satisfaction

The purpose of the customer centric business strategy is to elevate customer experience and satisfaction. By identifying what the customers like and tailoring services to meet their expectations, companies can eliminate the risks of losing customers to competitors in the long run. For example, an individual who does not want to receive promotional offers from the company can be removed from the target list to eliminate the source of irritation and deliver a positive customer support experience.

Delivering a Unique Customer Experience

In this competitive business environment, providing satisfactory services is not good enough. About 80 percent of customers tend to switch or stop doing business with a company even when satisfied. The reason behind this is that customers are constantly looking for something extra for the price they pay to acquire a service or product. A customer centric approach gives your clients a unique experience to share with others.

Recognizing Opportunities for Improvement and Growth

By staying closer to customers, contact centers can better understand the needs and expectations of their clients, which may allow them to identify and take advantage of the opportunities for improvement and growth. For example, by collecting regular feedback from their customers, contact center agents can tailor their services to suit customers’ preferences. This can allow them to deliver improved services to each customer individually.

Increasing Customer Loyalty and Market Share

By offering consistent services, contact center agents can build a loyal customer base. As customers are more likely to prefer the company that they think understands their needs well, this can increase your market share as well as profits. Considering the growing use of the approach in modern businesses, companies need to understand that they can run the risk of losing customers, market share, and profits to competitors in the long run if they do not focus on customers or fail to deliver customer centric services.

If you want to create an efficient customer centric business strategy for your contact center business, contact us now and get our comprehensive call center solution today!

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5 Tips to Improve the Efficiency of Your Contact Center Workforce

Enhancing productivity and efficiency of call center agents may seem an overwhelming task. However, by making a few changes in your system, workflows, and work practices, you may create a huge impact on how your contact center staff develops more and more satisfied customers.

1.     Train Your Agents

Training is one of the key drivers of success in contact center business. By applying the knowledge, skills, techniques and practices that the agents learn during training, they can drastically improve the overall performance of their services.

Also, educate your workforce on how they can create a lasting impact on their customers and contribute to the success of the organization in the long run.

2.     Empower Agents with Real Time Information

Agents empowered with updated or real time information can perform more efficiently. The information and metrics related to the company’s products and services as well as the operational data such as the number of callers in the queue, status of the agent, longest waiting time in the queue etc. can help agents become more efficient and effective at service delivery. Besides, the real time comparison with other agents can create a competitive environment, boosting their performance and motivation.

3.     Create Teams with a Diverse Range of Skills

Every agent has unique skills set and knowledge base. These agents can help each other to achieve their individual, group, and organizational goals. In addition to this, creating teams with diverse skills set can also improve collaboration and cooperation among various teams in the company.

4.     Establish a Transparent Performance Appraisal System

When your employees have trust in the transparency of your system, they are more likely to feel motivated and satisfied with their job. Also, a transparent system fosters a positive environment for personal growth and development which ultimately has an impact on the productivity within the contact center.

The performance appraisal system should be a combination of both qualitative and quantitative measurements. Regarding this, Gilles says, “Although metrics are indispensable to organizations, they remain the effect, not the cause. Avoid managing by numbers: let the metrics raise flags, but focus on process and behaviors that lead to results.”

5.     Promote Flexibility and Creativity in the Contact Center

Allow flexibility and creativity rather than forcing strict scripts in order to improve the agents’ engagement on a level that becomes personal to them. Through flexibility and freedom, contact center agents can also customize services in accordance with the needs of each customer, thus providing a better customer experience.

Looking for an efficient contact center management program for your business needs? Contact us and request a live demo today!

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4 Traits of a Customer Centric Contact Center

Due to a rapid growth of technology and increasing use of holistic approaches in businesses, the competition in customer support industry has increased substantially. Not only have the developments changed the entire landscape of the industry, but has also transformed business philosophy from productivity to customer centricity.

The customer centric business needs a thorough understanding of each customer individually to execute strategy and deliver greater results, creating greater value. According to Gilles Beaulac, “Customer Centric Contact Centers learn that one of the critical prerequisites is to create the most positive employee experience.” Also, the contact center needs drastic changes in the system, capabilities, processes, attitudes, and the overall corporate culture.

1.     Customer Centric Quality Measurement

The customer centric contact center places its customers at the heart of its business philosophy. Therefore, these firms invest appropriately in quality monitoring tools that keep track of each transaction and resulting customer satisfaction. Besides this, firms also use customer feedback, collected through post contact surveying tools, to understand the potential of improvement in processes and workflows along with identifying the need for training and skill development.

2.     Continuous Improvement in Services

The modern contact centers collect regular feedback from customers to deliver better services. These firms not only gather data from customers, but also process and use it intelligently to improve their products, personalize services, build relationships, increase productivity and bolster revenues and profits. Advanced CRM tools, evaluation of post contact customer surveys, and dedicated analytics teams are some common approaches contact centers usually use to provide proactive services and support.

3.     Customer Centric KPIs

Previously, contact centers focused more on quantitative measures such as Average Handling Time (AHT) and Calls per Hour. However, modern service centers recognize the importance of measuring customer experience and agent behavior more than quantitative metrics. This does not imply that there should be no productivity based measures in place. Rather, it means that service centers should emphasize more on improving customer satisfaction than relying on increasing the number of calls.

In order to measure the agent’s productivity, you may utilize tools like schedule adherence to ensure that your team is involved and committed to increasing profitability and growth of the business.

4.     Social Customer Care

With social customer care, contact centers tend to react to the comments, complaints, and requests more efficiently. This allows agents to engage with customers effectively and provide proactive services as well as control the potential damages. Some contact centers create an engaging online community for customers which serves as a useful source of information and feedback for both the customers and the agents. Besides this, these resources reduce the number of emails, chats, and phone calls to a great extent by providing helpful tutorials and blogs for the convenience of the customers.

To create an authentic and reliable performance measurement system, contact us and request a free demo today!

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Can Business Intelligence System Improve Your ROI?

Today, businesses are more concerned about their expenses and tend to be more interested in knowing how much return they may get on an investment within a certain time period. As a project manager, you need to demonstrate your business intelligence system’s capability to produce positive cash flows in a certain time span to get the go-ahead from top management.

From both operational and strategic perspective, business intelligence is an investment that can offer a promising return on investment (ROI). A cloud based business intelligence system with reasonable initial costs, an affordable monthly fee, and operational benefits can offer a competitive option to affect ROI substantially. If you are a contact center manager and considering getting a business intelligence system for your firm, here are few reasons why you should get it ASAP.

Technology Pays Back

Incorporating technology in your organization can help you profit in leaps and bounds. According to Nucleus Research, a firm that offers specialized services for measuring the value of technology, the ROI of a business intelligence system and self serving reporting tools can be measured using three different approaches.

Report Automation – The report automation saves time, reduces error, and delivers an average ROI of 188 percent.

Tactical Business Intelligence System – Keeping a keen eye on analytics to improve decision making yields an average ROI of 389 percent.

Strategic Business Intelligence System – With deployment of the system across various functions and departments to align operations with strategic objectives, the system yields an average ROI of 968 percent.

Strategic Performance

According to the EIU survey, data use and financial performance are closely linked to each other. The report Fostering a Data Driven Culture states that 84 percent of companies that were outperforming their peers financially, are ahead in data usage. The trend hints that effective use of data can influence the growth and success of an organization substantially. However, The Reporting Engine can improve the ROI by helping managers acquire better insight of sales trends and revenue generation and thus help them create effective strategies for growth.

Besides, the contact centers can also measure the ROI considering revenue enhancement, cost avoidance, cost reduction and capital cost avoidance. All these factors tend to yield higher than average ROI at lower costs and risks.

If you are looking for a reliable business intelligence system to improve the ROI of your contact center business, check out the features and benefits of The Reporting Engine. To get better insight, you can request a free demo today.

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4 Tips to Boost Employee Morale at a Contact Center

A contact center workforce thrives on motivation. The working environment of a call or contact center is significantly different from a traditional office environment. Since they are confined to cubicles with stringent break and lunch schedules, it is important to keep the agents motivated and to help them manage the stress of their job effectively.

Although motivation can come from good working practices and operational efficiencies, it is best to use effective motivational techniques to raise morale and generate more effective results. Here are few tips to help you encourage your contact center employees.

1.     Create Teams

Building teams creates allows management to create a good working relationship with their team members and thus fosters a pleasant and friendlier environment in the company. Working as a team can help in promoting trust, respect, and harmony that can lower absenteeism and thus increase productivity.

2.     Create Friendly Competition

Creating teams in call center promotes healthy competition; employees can be motivated to surpass sales targets and outperform other teams. Moreover, they are more likely to encourage their teammates if there is an attractive reward or recognition for exceptional performance.

3.     Appreciate and Reward

Rewarding or recognizing the efforts of agents is critically important in a contact center environment; it is what keeps your workforce going to achieve higher goals and stay loyal to the success of your company. One of the best ways to boost agent morale is sending them a note to acknowledge their work. You can also have on site parties to acknowledge achievements or those who met monthly goals to show your employees that their efforts are valued.

4.     Create a Positive Working Environment

The best way to boost employee morale is creating a self-motivating environment that promotes a positive attitude and effective teamwork for maximum success. One of the important motivating tactics could be ongoing training and employee development programs to facilitate personal and professional growth of employees. Besides, leaders can offer one on one coaching to resolve issues that employees may encounter.

In addition to this, managers can use employee engagement techniques such as theme contests, casual dress days, time off programs, and other team building activities to allow them small breaks from work and to de-stress themselves.

If you are running a contact center business and are looking for an efficient business intelligence system for your company, check out the services at The Reporting Engine and request a free demo today!

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Top 3 Signs Your Business Needs a Cloud Based System

As a business manager, it is your responsibility to make advanced resources available to your company in order to improve capacity and efficiency of your workforce. With growing advancements in technology, buying simple computer hardware or installing a general purpose software suite might not be enough to meet the ever expanding needs of your business.

If you are looking for a better and more efficient data management program for your company, cloud computing is currently the best option available. This is a web-based service that can run everything from email to complex data analysis programs.

For all those managers who have not yet adopted cloud computing for their business needs, here are top signs indicating that you need a cloud based computing now.

1.     Your Data Is Increasing Exponentially

With an increase in the amount of data from social media sources and other modern communication tools, companies can extract more value from the analysis of data sets to gain a competitive advantage. Nevertheless, the management of large amounts of data is one of the biggest challenges businesses encounter today.

In order to address the need, cloud computing offers substantial storage space to preserve large volumes of data and information. Due to its greater data management and processing capacity, it is the optimum choice for companies that handle big data projects. With a cloud based system, a company could get a reliable storage solution with lesser operational challenges and capital expenditures.

2.     Your Data Management Cost Is Rising

Big data environment requires a costly infrastructure to process large volumes of data efficiently. Conversely, cloud based services can help them save a lot of money via cost effective solutions that can support data management and advanced analytical functions. Cloud computing can automate the data integration process reducing the need for a large IT infrastructure to process large and complex data.

3.     Your Staff Spends Too Much Time on Data Management Tasks

With stand alone data management tools, your staff often spends too much time compiling, maintaining, and reporting data. Besides, your IT staff may be too busy troubleshooting equipment that makes them unable to run other, more important projects.

With cloud computing services, your company can get infrastructure as well as management services which can free up your staff to work on other projects that are critical to the success of the business.

Are you a business manager and seeking a cost effective solution to manage large volumes of data? Check out the Reporting Engine today. To request a live demo, contact us now!

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Does Your Business Need The Reporting Engine?

Every business owner needs a business intelligence system to easily view, assess, and understand the information relevant to the past, current, and future performance. The broad functional capacity of the program can measure processes, methods, and systems to identify issues and trends as well as fine tune operations to meet business objectives.

The Reporting Engine is one such program that provides a comprehensive framework and efficient tools to manage business objectives evaluating actions and procedures of contact centers. The application furnishes useful data and information for analysis and effective decision-making.

Considering the amount of data out there, the rate at which it is increasing and thus the growing need for information management systems, the Reporting Engine offers smart solutions to contact center businesses. Here is what you can expect from the system.


The Reporting Engine removes errors, omissions, or duplication to provide managers with accurate and up to date information whenever they need it. Whether you are looking for historic data, real time updates, or predictive data, the program can provide precise and updated information to help you make informed decisions.

Better Decision Making

Once your contact center has the Reporting Engine in place, you can see detailed data on all aspects of the business. With financial, customer, and sales data, you can manage and read reports that synthesize all information in a pre-determined way to help management make fact based and effective decisions.

Improves Efficiency

Gathering, compiling, and reporting data from various sources could be time consuming and hectic. With the Reporting Engine, however, all the information is available in a centralized location for quicker access and convenient use. You can easily view the information in a dashboard and turn it into a report saving valuable time and eliminating inefficiencies.

Faster Response Time

Delayed decisions can affect the profitably and growth of the business. With the Reporting Engine, managers can view reports on a daily basis instead of waiting until the end of a period. This will allow them to correct errors quickly and bring operations back on track in a timely manner. Equipped with appropriate knowledge, managers can immediately make adjustments to improve the performance of the company before it’s too late.

Better Strategic Planning

The Reporting Engine lets you know of emerging issues and growing trends which allow decision makers to use a proactive approach for the future. The efficient availability of data and information allows managers to create better and more efficient strategic plans for future growth.

If you are a contact center manager and looking for an efficient business intelligence system for your business, check out The Reporting Engine today. To request a live demo, contact us now!

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