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It's everything you asked for.

We listened...

  • I need cost effective, fast, accurate access to contact center reports I can use, not just stats!
  • Sure could use a one-pager report that includes my sales results with my telephony and quality management results.
  • We have very competent people busy compiling reports. We need them spending that time leveraging their analytical skills.
  • I need the ability to easily navigate and drill down to narrow the scope of my analysis.
  • I need my people to have their own personal list of custom reports that they can easily access with a couple of clicks. They have to become self-sufficient decision-makers.
  • I want to reduce the delays to identify problems and to fix them. That means quick answers to my questions which lead to quicker resolution of problems.
  • Better decisions. I need my front line managers to make better decisions. I need them to manage the business not reports. I need business intelligence I can use.
  • I want transparency within my organization. Information and insight has to be readily available to all my teams.
  • I want my new contact center reporting solution to save me time when I'm looking for answers, to provide insight not just data. I need insight that helps me reduce my costs, ideas to increase revenues and make my employees and my customers happier doing business with me. Did I mention this business intelligence solution has to be affordable?

A new kind of business intelligence and reporting solution specifically for the business of running a contact center.

The Reporting Engine is... Unique

  • What makes The Reporting Engine® radically different from any performance management reporting tool on the market starts with the fact that once the setup is completed no programming is ever required by any user.
  • Once we finalize the setup, everyone can generate any report about their agents or queues, navigate through time periods, drill down to demographics, filter any criteria and choose any indicator without relying on programmers or Excel gurus.
  • Reporting from multiple data sources (ex.: telephone, sales, WFM, quality etc), for multiple locations, for multiple business units in one place. Amalgamated and roll-up summaries at every level of the organization.
  • Multilingual - Users can change to the language of their choice, for both the interface and the reports, on-the-fly – English, Spanish and French. (Other languages can be added)
  • Coach the coaches - Smart reports provide more than just the opportunity for supervisors to evaluate and coach their agents, but managers can evaluate their supervisors, and senior managers can evaluate their managers and so on, all the way up your organization.
  • Customizable demographics - Smart reports will not only tell you when someone is or isn’t meeting their goals, it will also tell you, for example, that agents with the same years of service, or the same schedule or who had the same training, are not meeting their objectives. Custom demographics bring a new level of insight to your decision-makers.
  • A Call Center Reporting Software that you can Trust - Are you looking for a reporting solution that will allow you more insight from your multiple data sources and run your business more efficiently? The Reporting Engine has the answer. The cloud based call center software starts off as a sophisticated tool for optimized queries and innovative databases.
    Business operations move faster when analysts do not need to program. The Reporting Engine makes business intelligence dashboards more understandable to your staff and eliminates the need for programmers. Allow your managers to gain more insight in less than half the time just three mouse clicks.

The Reporting Engine is... Simplified Business Intelligence

Have multiple data sources all in a single simplifiedBI power with fast roll-out
and no-training-required self-serve user interface.
point of reference.

Contact Center managers can jump in and start analyzing data themselves, rather than wait for IT to run complex reports.

This kind of access to information helps users back up ~ with hard numbers ~ business decisions that would otherwise be based only on gut feelings and anecdotes.

Empower your management teams to make even better decisions today.

Multiple Data Source Reporting and Analytics for Contact Centers
  • Smart ReportsTM help you discover not only WHAT happened but WHY it happened?
  • What other stories is your contact center dying to tell you?
  • Explore your data in ways never possible before.


The Reporting Engine is... Cloud-Based

Cloud-Based, Saas Reporting and Analytics for Contact Centers

Cloud provides a low-cost, highly scalable environment capable of handling the massive volume.

Contact centers are increasingly looking to use cloud computing to speed up business innovation, empower their end users and improve overall data-center efficiency.

The Reporting Engine is... User-Friendly

  • Some would say accessing our reports is child's play.
  • Your business users access their own personalized list of custom reports.
  • Navigate through any time period.
  • Drill down to any department, skill, team, agent and custom demographic
  • Refine their choice of key performance indicators.
  • All within a no-training-required self-serve user-interface.
  • Gain insights to understand and analyze your business performance and opportunities on a deeper level.

The Reporting Engine is... Comprehensive

Cloud-Based, Saas Reporting and Analytics for Contact Centers
  • Save money on the creation of reports.
  • Save money on the running of reports.
  • Save money on the analytical work.
  • Save time in identifying problems
  • Increase opportunities with quicker turnarounds
  • Free up supervisors, allow more contact with agents
  • Reduce turnover = reduce hiring costs
  • Empowered agents deliver superior service
  • Better decisions, quicker turnaround, faster resolutions

Contact Center

  • FREE Automatic software updates
  • Work from anywhere
  • Minimal upfront cost
  • Personalized, custom reports
  • Cool jazzy charts
  • Access multiple data sources
  • Better data, better decisions