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Frequently Asked Questions

Does your call center reports tool have charts and graphs?

Create unlimited reports, and create unlimited eye-catching charts which include graphs of all kinds, and chart types like Pie charts, Bar charts, Column charts, Stacked Bar charts, Line charts and Area charts ...and the list goes on.

Can I get business intelligence and data mining benefits?

Our unique database structure and several other innovative features allow our reporting software to deliver, at a fraction of the cost, many of the benefits only available in expensive BI and Data Mining tools.

Any limits on how many performance reports can be generated?

Only your imagination can limit you.

Do we need to any programming skills to get the most out of the reporting tool?

Absolutely not. That is what is so amazing about our product! It was designed to deliver the same power you would have if you had professional programmers creating reports for you with other software. In fact, all you need is your imagination.

Does your call center statistics reporting tool help new managers to become more proficient?

Of course, our software was designed with over 20 years of call center management experience and business process improvement. This means that new managers and new team leaders can improve their skills faster by using The Reporting Engine®.

Can I customize my call center metrics?

Yes. Our call center metrics system allows you to customize the field names, the formulas and even your filters, just to name a few of the customizable functions.

Can I access the call center statistics system anytime, anywhere?

As a web-based application and a Saas (Software as a Service) our reporting software is accessible anywhere and anytime.

Is the reporting system sold outside of North America?

Yes. As a Saas, it is sold everywhere.

Is your reporting software available in other languages?

Oui. Si. Yes! French, Spanish and English. Other languages can be added if needed.

How long does it take to learn how to use the system?

It is so easy to use that you need no training. If you know how to use a mouse, then you are ready to create powerful reports in seconds!

How many rows of data storage are we allowed?

Unlimited rows of storage. The data is stored for as long as you have a subscription with us.

Can you report on our agent sales data?

Yes, we report on your agent sales data.

How is the data transferred to The Reporting Engine's database?

Several methods are available depending on your needs. Rest assured no situation as yet been impossible.

Do you have schedule adherence reports?

Our reports do include data from a select number of indicators derived from your schedule adherence program.

How reliable is your application?

The Reporting Engine® resides on high-end scalable cloud servers in state-of-the art datacenters with 24x7x365 in-house network operations. Our software has undergone extensive benchmark testing such as load and performance and has exceeded all expectations. These tests included the CPU, memory, disk IO of the physical servers and the response time of the software. With the current architecture and design, we can provide the highest concurrent user rate required for the largest call centers in North America. As well, our datacenters provides daily data backup and data isolation to ensure the integrity and accuracy of our clients' information. Click here to read more about this subject.

Do we have to pay for software updates?

No, with a subscription to our software, you will always have the most current version of our software.

Are our database tables shared with other companies?

No, all clients have their own database tables.

Do you regularly backup our data?

Yes, your data is backed up on a daily basis. Both Onsite and Offsite.

How long does it take to implement?

Set up (installation) = 1 hour to be up and running
File Formatting = average 1 to 5 days Configuring = 1 to 2 days
Quickest Total = 2 days Longest Total = 2 weeks
File Formatting might be the longest part of the process because it depends on the type of telephone system, the type of sales systems, the type of workforce management system you have.
The workforce management system might be more demanding. The Reporting Engine is already formatted to accept IEX.