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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Learn how to save time and money with The Reporting Engine

Data utilization, information handling and report making are the chief things that control all the other happenings that take place at a contact center. Data basically is the core corporate asset of an organization that needs to be appropriately synthesized … Continue reading

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Improved Contact Center Management with The Reporting Engine

These days, contact center managements are largely benefiting from advanced business intelligence approaches. These approaches have outshined excel sheets and on house programming and developing solutions that were not only tedious and time consuming but used to cost a lot … Continue reading

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Best Practices for Effective Call Center Reporting

Updated February 2021. Customer care is a crucial part of any business, directly influencing client satisfaction rates and, ultimately, sales. But how much do you know about what is happening in your contact center? And how well do you understand … Continue reading

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Impress your customers and innovate your contact center

In present day contact centers, vocation is no more confined to merely handling calls. With e-mails, instant messaging and online communiqué the functioning of contact centers has largely expanded. To guarantee the success of customers, contact center solution aids its … Continue reading

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