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Top 3 Signs That Your Business Needs a Cloud Based System


As a business manager, it is your responsibility to make advanced resources available to your company in order to improve capacity and efficiency of your workforce.

With growing advancements in technology, buying simple computer hardware or installing a general purpose software suite might not be enough to meet the ever expanding needs of your business.

If you are looking for a better and more efficient data management program for your company, cloud computing is currently the best option available.

This is a web-based service that can run everything from email to complex data analysis programs.

For all those managers who have not yet adopted cloud computing for their business needs, here are top signs indicating that you need a cloud based computing now.

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Best Practices for Effective Call Center Reporting


Updated February 2021.

Customer care is a crucial part of any business, directly influencing client satisfaction rates and, ultimately, sales.
But how much do you know about what is happening in your contact center?

And how well do you understand the factors that affect your employees’ performance?

These answers — and many more — can be found through call center reporting.

If the bare thought of creating a report gives you a headache, we don’t blame you.

Call center reports used to be a drag, but we’re not here to talk about how things used to get done.

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How do You Know If Your Business Need The Reporting Engine?

Every business owner needs a business intelligence system to easily view, assess, and understand the information relevant to the past, current, and future performance.

The broad functional capacity of the program can measure processes, methods, and systems to identify issues and trends as well as fine tune operations to meet business objectives.

The Reporting Engine is one such program that provides a comprehensive framework and efficient tools to manage business objectives evaluating actions and procedures of contact centers.

The application furnishes useful data and information for analysis and effective decision-making.

Considering the amount of data out there, the rate at which it is increasing and thus the growing need for information management systems, the Reporting Engine offers smart solutions to contact center businesses.

Here is what you can expect from the system.

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Learn how to save time and money with The Reporting Engine

Data utilization, information handling and report making are the chief things that control all the other happenings that take place at a contact center.

Data basically is the core corporate asset of an organization that needs to be appropriately synthesized and turned into useful insights.

Even though data is everywhere, it needs to be utilized in a way that enables it to aid an enterprise in the achievement of its desired goals; otherwise it can prove to be completely useless.

Many businesses spend a lot of time in creating reports that will give them proper insights for decision making processes.

While this was necessary some years ago, with the rise in the usage of business intelligence software systems at contact centers it is becoming unnecessary for enterprises to be wasting so much time doing so.

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Improved Contact Center Management with The Reporting Engine

These days, contact center managements are largely benefiting from advanced business intelligence approaches.

These approaches have outshined excel sheets and on house programming and developing solutions that were not only tedious and time consuming but used to cost a lot as well.

The Reporting Engine is one such software that helps enterprises in creating efficient and timely reports that help them in making progress in the market by providing systematic insights.

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Impress your contact center customers with Smart Reports

In present day contact centers, vocation is no more confined to merely handling calls.

With e-mails, instant messaging and online communiqué the functioning of contact centers has largely expanded.

To guarantee the success of customers, contact center solution aids its clients in the sales and promotion of their products and services.

Reflecting on the significance of novel sales prospects, the solution suppliers provide timely response to clientele’s inquiries.

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Generate Call Center Reports: Our Reporting Requirements

Any good manager knows that it does not take hundreds of reports to run his business.

But it does take the right ones.

And these key reports need to evolve with the company.

Fundamentally, there are 2 kinds of reports a business benefits from:

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So you think your performance management reports measure up?

Most of us are satisfied with the performance reports that we are using.

Our operations are running relatively smooth.

We achieve our goals month after month and year after year.

We even manage to improve quality and productivity.

Our employees are happy to work for us and our customers remain loyal year after year.

What else could you want? Why would you want to “mess with success”?

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Improve productivity and quality with a positive environment

It seems most leaders have struggled with these goals many times in their careers.

Employees hear “decrease quality” when they hear the boss ask for increased productivity.

Many leaders asking for better quality are afraid to decrease productivity.

I have witnessed many companies where employees became the de facto “defenders” of quality and the leaders the defenders of productivity.

Not a very encouraging place to be.

Productivity and quality is not a unique challenge to call centers, but the two values have a particular make-up in the contact centers.

ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) systems provide easy access to productivity metrics.

Furthermore, easily accessible metrics makes productivity the more objective of the two measurements.

Objectivity is still possible with quality standards but remains a little more demanding to define than productivity standards.

To avoid creating this elusive dichotomy within your contact center, here are a few suggestions:

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Contact Center Statistics: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good:

Statistics are an integral part of any business.

They are superb when you want to understand your market and your performance.

They are invaluable when you have no way of knowing the future outcome of a given situation.

They help us make predictions through simple or complex analysis of historical data.

They allow us to calculate probabilities.

They enable us to make decisions in the absence of information.

With the right reporting tools its likely you will reveal areas of improvements unbeknownst to you.

The Bad:

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