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Tips to Improve the Efficiency of Your Contact Center

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Enhancing productivity and efficiency of call center agents may seem an overwhelming task.

However, by making a few changes in your system, workflows, and work practices, you may create a huge impact on how your contact center staff develops more and more satisfied customers.

1. Train Your Agents

Training is one of the key drivers of success in contact center business.

By applying the knowledge, skills, techniques and practices that the agents learn during training, they can drastically improve the overall performance of their services.

Also, educate your workforce on how they can create a lasting impact on their customers and contribute to the success of the organization in the long run.

2. Empower Agents with Real Time Information

Agents empowered with updated or real time information can perform more efficiently.

The information and metrics related to the company’s products and services as well as the operational data such as the number of callers in the queue, status of the agent, longest waiting time in the queue etc. can help agents become more efficient and effective at service delivery.

Besides, the real time comparison with other agents can create a competitive environment, boosting their performance and motivation.

3. Create Teams with a Diverse Range of Skills

Every agent has unique skills set and knowledge base.

These agents can help each other to achieve their individual, group, and organizational goals.

In addition to this, creating teams with diverse skills set can also improve collaboration and cooperation among various teams in the company.

4. Establish a Transparent Performance Appraisal System

When your employees have trust in the transparency of your system, they are more likely to feel motivated and satisfied with their job.

Also, a transparent system fosters a positive environment for personal growth and development which ultimately has an impact on the productivity within the contact center.

The performance appraisal system should be a combination of both qualitative and quantitative measurements.

Regarding this, Gilles says, “Although metrics are indispensable to organizations, they remain the effect, not the cause. Avoid managing by numbers: let the metrics raise flags, but focus on process and behaviors that lead to results.”

5. Promote Flexibility and Creativity in the Contact Center

Allow flexibility and creativity rather than forcing strict scripts in order to improve the agents’ engagement on a level that becomes personal to them.

Through flexibility and freedom, contact center agents can also customize services in accordance with the needs of each customer, thus providing a better customer experience.

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