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4 Tips to Boost Employee Morale at a Contact Center

A contact center workforce thrives on motivation. The working environment of a call or contact center is significantly different from a traditional office environment. Since they are confined to cubicles with stringent break and lunch schedules, it is important to keep the agents motivated and to help them manage the stress of their job effectively.

Although motivation can come from good working practices and operational efficiencies, it is best to use effective motivational techniques to raise morale and generate more effective results. Here are few tips to help you encourage your contact center employees.

1.     Create Teams

Building teams creates allows management to create a good working relationship with their team members and thus fosters a pleasant and friendlier environment in the company. Working as a team can help in promoting trust, respect, and harmony that can lower absenteeism and thus increase productivity.

2.     Create Friendly Competition

Creating teams in call center promotes healthy competition; employees can be motivated to surpass sales targets and outperform other teams. Moreover, they are more likely to encourage their teammates if there is an attractive reward or recognition for exceptional performance.

3.     Appreciate and Reward

Rewarding or recognizing the efforts of agents is critically important in a contact center environment; it is what keeps your workforce going to achieve higher goals and stay loyal to the success of your company. One of the best ways to boost agent morale is sending them a note to acknowledge their work. You can also have on site parties to acknowledge achievements or those who met monthly goals to show your employees that their efforts are valued.

4.     Create a Positive Working Environment

The best way to boost employee morale is creating a self-motivating environment that promotes a positive attitude and effective teamwork for maximum success. One of the important motivating tactics could be ongoing training and employee development programs to facilitate personal and professional growth of employees. Besides, leaders can offer one on one coaching to resolve issues that employees may encounter.

In addition to this, managers can use employee engagement techniques such as theme contests, casual dress days, time off programs, and other team building activities to allow them small breaks from work and to de-stress themselves.

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