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How to save time and money with The Reporting Engine?

Data utilization, information handling and report making are the chief things that control all the other happenings that take place at a contact center. Data basically is the core corporate asset of an organization that needs to be appropriately synthesized and turned into useful insights.


Even though data is everywhere, it needs to be utilized in a way that enables it to aid an enterprise in the achievement of its desired goals; otherwise it can prove to be completely useless. Many businesses spend a lot of time in creating reports that will give them proper insights for decision making processes.


While this was necessary some years ago, with the rise in the usage of business intelligence software systems at contact centers it is becoming unnecessary for enterprises to be wasting so much time doing so.


Previously many contact center managements used to hire developers and programmers that used to take a lot of time in creating efficient reports. While it used to consume not only a lot of time but also a lot of money, these reports did not use to be faultless. This also inevitably used to cause delays in business management staff to reach the right decisions in time. As a result, the market position of the contact centers used to weaken rather than strengthening.


Recently, there has been an evolution in information handling and report making processes in businesses. With software like The Reporting Engine, enterprises do not have to spend a lot of money in hiring developers, programmers and excel gurus to create business reports for them. Besides saving time, advanced business intelligence report making approaches also help enterprises in saving money on the creation, running and analysis of the reports, this in turn; helps contact centers in making more revenue.


Not only do these software help in saving time in the identification of problems, but they also assist enterprises in increasing opportunities with timely turnarounds which automatically helps in yielding faster resolutions and making better decisions. With such software, employees of a company do not have to program at all and the reports are very accurate. Another perk of using such software is that they also help in the construction of thorough and systematic reports from multiple data sources at the same time without any hassle.


It is safe to say that contact centers that are benefitting from such approaches are making the right choice. If you want to implement such procedures at your contact center, visit our website or give us a call at 1-844-296-4177.

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Benefits of Contact Center Management with The Reporting Engine

These days, contact center managements are largely benefiting from advanced business intelligence approaches. These approaches have outshined excel sheets and on house programming and developing solutions that were not only tedious and time consuming but used to cost a lot as well.

The Reporting Engine is one such software that helps enterprises in creating efficient and timely reports that help them in making progress in the market by providing systematic insights.

Pay Less

Dependence of excel gurus, programmers and developers only results in the company having to pay a lot of money and not getting the desired results. With The Reporting Engine, your contact center management can get better results than expected by paying a lot less.

Boost Productivity

The Reporting Engine provides quick and efficient contact center reports which help in boosting workplace productivity by offering valuable business insights.

Better Decision Making

With The Reporting Engine, enterprises get better and more thorough business insights. These insights result in more accurate goals and better decision making. When the contact center management knows what exactly they need to work on, they make relevant decisions that are free from any hints of vagueness.

Independent Management Systems

When contact centers have to depend on programmers, developers and excel gurus they are no longer independent and it affects their productivity. When a company relies on an external factor it can easily jeopardize the progress of that enterprise. The Reporting Engine, on the other hand, helps enterprises in becoming more independent and not having to rely on developers.

Save Time

With The Reporting Engine, the business analysts no longer have to spend time on programming, developing and constructing reports, they can save their time and invest it into more productive actions that help in the achievement of desired goals for the company.

Satisfy Customers

Better decision making and efficient employees normally results in the customers of an enterprise being satisfied with the services they are receiving. The reason for which is that when the business reports are not vague, employees know exactly what they have to do and when the employees do not have to spend their time in creating those reports, they can actually work on their actual job that is pleasing the customers.


The Reporting Engine offers simplified business intelligence solutions for analytic s and reporting for contact centers with their product called The Reporting Engine. Visit their website or call 1-844-296-4177 for assistance regarding business intelligence at your contact center.

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Creating effective call center reports: What to do?

Previously, professional developers were hired by contact center administrations for the formulation of business reports. Not only was it expensive, it created unnecessary dependence and used to further complicate the analytical processes, as the compilation of data from several databases at the same time is a lengthy process which is prone to errors and requires intensive labor work.

Conventional report making used to disrupt problem solving measures due to limited access to data. It also used to waste time, as every single second a solution was held up resulting in the slowing down of the procedure of decision making which ultimately ended up in costing contact centers more money and valuable opportunities being lost. On time responses and solutions are the means to pleasing the customers and with this flawed system the market position of contact centers used to go down rather than going up.

While some contact centers are still stuck in the dilemmas of this system, many are choosing to take a step forward. They are choosing to trust advanced cloud contact center solutions to be in charge and are enjoying the perks that come with effective report making.

Software like The Reporting Engine, reduce the dependence of contact centers on developers and programmers. They help businesses in progressing and developing by providing the business analysts with unlimited access to business insights. When these analysts can solely focus on analysis and are not expected to program, they are able to perform their assigned tasks better by not wasting time on programming. With this, the contact center staff is able to intensify their understanding by themselves and as a result, problems are solved more quickly.

Choosing to let a contact center application like The Reporting Engine assist you in effective report making will help your managers and analysts in being more resourceful, efficient and empowered. They will also be able to answer questions faster and solve problems more rapidly. These applications will also improve your customer relations and will raise the morale of your employees.

With such software you will not need to construct or preserve an infrastructure to lodge your reports. The influence of The Reporting Engine will help your company in saving time and money and boosting the performance of your employees by creating effective contact center reports in a timely and more proficient manner. If you have any more questions, you can contact us through our website, or call us at 1-844-296-4177.

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How can you impress your customers, innovating contact center management with Smart Reports?

In present day contact centers, vocation is no more confined to merely handling calls. With e-mails, instant messaging and online communiqué the functioning of contact centers has largely expanded. To guarantee the success of customers, contact center solution aids its clients in the sales and promotion of their products and services. Reflecting on the significance of novel sales prospects, the solution suppliers provide timely response to clientele’s inquiries.

To boost sales and develop market shares, contact center solutions are integrated with contemporary marketing devices that are put forward by the solution providers. Nowadays, presenting top-notch customer relationship administration services, contact center solution present the ultimate approaches to rapid success. The chief aim of better and newer versions of contact centers is basically to make the best use of the available opportunities by giving the customers surety regarding their satisfaction and approval.

Your business may be boosting and you might delude yourself into believing that your contact center does not require contact center solutions but believe it or not, contact center solutions assist in further augmenting the progress of a contact center. It helps in creating a client-centered that solely focuses on the requirements and needs of a client.

The Reporting Engine is a contact center solutions’ application that helps managers or users in examining and evaluating complex data without difficulties. The Smart Reports help businesses in negotiating and adapting their arrangements and plans to the needs of the clients.

The Reporting Engine’s Smart Reports not only allow contact centers in gaining more insight from their manifold data sources but also allows them in running their business more proficiently. This helps the business operations in moving a lot faster and saves the analysts from the hassle of programming. Now that the analysts can focus solely on analyzing, the management team gets to spend more time with their clients instead of frittering it away on developing multiple reports.

Smart Reports create business intelligence dashboards in a way that makes them more explicable to the contact center employees by eradicating the requirement for programmers. This results in the contact center staff focusing more on the customer relationship by considering their opinions important and basing their operations on them. This eventually assists them in pleasing and startling their customers. All in all, if you are looking to impress your contact center customers, you should definitely look into letting The Reporting Engine’s Smart Reports help you out.

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Call Center Reports: Our Reporting Requirements

Any good manager knows that it does not take hundreds of reports to run his business. But it does take the right ones. And these key reports need to evolve with the company.


Fundamentally, there are 2 kinds of reports a business benefits from:


1)Reports generated for the purpose of large scale data analysis. These are commonly known as data mining reports and perform tasks like cluster analysis and anomaly detection.


2)Reports generated to track results of primary goals. These are known as performance management reports for example.

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So you think your performance management reports measure up?

Most of us are satisfied with the performance reports that we are using. Our operations are running relatively smooth. We achieve our goals month after month and year after year. We even manage to improve quality and productivity. Our employees are happy to work for us and our customers remain loyal year after year.


What else could you want? Why would you want to “mess with success”?
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How to improve productivity and quality and maintain a positive environment?

It seems most leaders have struggled with these goals many times in their careers. Employees hear “decrease quality” when they hear the boss ask for increased productivity. Many leaders asking for better quality are afraid to decrease productivity. I have witnessed many companies where employees became the de facto “defenders” of quality and the leaders the defenders of productivity. Not a very encouraging place to be.


Productivity and quality is not a unique challenge to call centers, but the two values have a particular make-up in the contact centers. ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) systems provide easy access to productivity metrics. Furthermore, easily accessible metrics makes productivity the more objective of the two measurements. Objectivity is still possible with quality standards but remains a little more demanding to define than productivity standards.
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Statistics: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good:
Statistics are an integral part of any business. They are superb when you want to understand your market and your performance. They are invaluable when you have no way of knowing the future outcome of a given situation. They help us make predictions through simple or complex analysis of historical data. They allow us to calculate probabilities. They enable us to make decisions in the absence of information. With the right reporting tools its likely you will reveal areas of improvements unbeknownst to you.


The Bad:
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Real-Time Or Historical Management

To paraphrase the words of the late Stephen Covey, the balance is in the ‘AND’ not the ‘OR’. Therefore, when it comes to real-time or historical management, both are definitely crucial for anyone in a leadership role. They each have a specific place in our management acumen.
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3 Fundamental Reasons Employees Do Not Perform.

Many of us have experienced the frustration of not knowing how to get some of our employees to perform according to our expectations. In our hustle and bustle day-to-day bump and grind we may even miss the obvious signs.

Here are 3 fundamental reasons why employees do not perform:

  1. They do NOT KNOW what/how to do certain things yet they care about doing things right.
  2. They KNOW but do not care.
  3. They do not know and do not care.

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